how to change your airdrop name

Scroll down a bit in the ‘Settings’ menu and select the ‘General’ option. Head to your iPhone’s home screen and tap on the ‘Settings’ app. You will receive an email message with instructions on how to reset your password. If the AirDrop name is still not updated, try turning your device off and then turning it back on immediately after changing the name.

It is an easy process and will only take a few minutes. In the ‘About’ menu, you’ll see the first option listed as ‘Name’. Once in the ‘General’ settings, find and tap on ‘About’ at the top of the list. ‘General’ settings are where you can adjust many of your iPhone’s fundamental behaviors and features.

Dr. Serhat Kurt worked as a Senior Technology Director specializing in Apple solutions for small and medium-sized educational institutions. He holds a doctoral degree (or doctorate) from the University of Illinois at Urbana / Champaign and a master’s degree from Purdue University. Here is his LinkedIn profile and Google Scholar profile.

MacReports and its content are in no way affiliated or endorsed by Apple, Inc. In case you are facing an AirDrop issue on your Mac, please check out our guide on how to fix an AirDrop not working issue on your Mac. Now tap on the little cross on the right side of your iPad’s name and type in the new name. To change your AirDrop name on your iPhone you will have to rename your Contact card.

how to change your airdrop name

When you are done, press the enter key or done button on the keyboard to apply the changes. To change the AirDrop name of your iPad, the process is slightly different. Instead of changing the name on your contact card, you will have to change the name of your iPad. All iPhones sunning iOS 7 and above support AirDrop by default. Meanwhile, iPad should be running on iPadOS 13 or later. How do you change the AirDrop name on iPhone and iPad?

To change your AirDrop name, you need to change the name of your Apple device. First, ensure your Apple device is AirDrop-compatible. If you’re wondering how to change your Mac’s name for AirDrop, the process is as simple as it was for the iPhone and iPad. You just have to change the default name assigned to your Mac by macOS and you will be good to go. Just click the Share button and select AirDrop and then select the people whom you want to share content with.

This will help you personalize your device so nearby devices can find you easily. If you are trying to send something, the recipient devices would also be able to recognize you easily. Vikhyat has a bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering and over five years of writing experience. When not typing away on his MacBook Pro, he loves exploring the real world.

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Feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries regarding any of your Apple devices. For further reading, check out how to turn on / off and use AirDrop on Mac. Now that you can be easily recognized through your AirDrop contact card what are you waiting for? You will now see that the profile photo on the contact card of your iPad AirDrop has changed. Before we proceed to change your AirDrop name, check that there are no pending software updates.

  1. The solution to this issue on an iPhone is to remove your email ID from your contact card.
  2. Here is his LinkedIn profile and Google Scholar profile.
  3. Your AirDrop name has now changed on your iPhone.
  4. This way, your contacts can recognize your device effortlessly.
  5. Keep reading to learn how to change your AirDrop name on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  6. Now that you can be easily recognized through your AirDrop contact card what are you waiting for?

S your AirDrop name still not changing across devices? Do not worry, here are a few simple tricks to solve the issue. Matthew Burleigh has been writing tech tutorials since 2008. His writing has appeared on dozens of different websites and been read over 50 million times. Another tip is to avoid using special characters or emojis in your AirDrop name. These might not display correctly on older devices or non-iOS systems, leading to confusion.

Step by Step Tutorial to Change AirDrop Name on iPhone

If you’re receiving an AirDrop from someone else’s device, you will see a prompt that asks you if you want to accept or reject the incoming file. This is where you can see who is trying to send you something via AirDrop. On a Mac, you can change the local hostname to a different one than your other devices. Now you know how to change the AirDrop name displayed on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The solution to this issue on an iPhone is to remove your email ID from your contact card. At iPhone Life, we use our 35 years of experience as a tech publisher to help millions of people master their Apple devices. Our experts obsessively test each tip, guide, and video we release to ensure you get all the hidden steps you won’t find anywhere else.

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This means that we are actually changing your device name. It can be said that your AirDrop name is like your profile name. Your AirDrop name has now changed on your iPhone. However, it might take some time for the change to reflect across mobile devices.

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Sumukh has been simplifying tech for the masses and helping consumers pick the right gadgets with his in-depth insights and reviews. He decided to hide his engineering degree in the closet to pursue his passion for writing. Over the past 5 years, he has contributed with guides, reviews, and detailed opinions to notable publications like TechPP and XDA-Developers. When not jamming his fingers on thoccy mechanical keyboards, Sumukh is busy convincing people how VR Gaming is the next best thing after sliced bread. By default, all Apple devices logged into the same Apple ID have the same AirDrop name. This is quite counter-intuitive since you have to keep guessing which device the file is going to.

If there are any, you should do those soon so that there aren’t any compatibility issues with AirDrop. Apple has kept your AirDrop visibility confined to your contacts only, but you can change it to everyone from settings. Make sure you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 17, as this feature might not be available in older versions. While you technically can, it’s best to avoid emojis as they may not show up correctly on other devices. If you didn’t receive an email don’t forgot to check your spam folder, otherwise contact support. Now, when other Apple users try to send something to your device, they’ll see the new AirDrop name you’ve created.

By default, Apple gives all similar devices the same name which isn’t ideal. If you have 2 MacBook Pros at home, both will be displayed as ‘MacBook Pro’ in the AirDrop menu. So, you’ll have to try and guess which device you actually have to send the file to. You can now solve that issue by changing your AirDrop name on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. That’s how to change your AirDrop name on iPhone!

You will now see the updated name when AirDropping files. To learn more about your Apple device features and handy shortcuts, like how to silence contacts, sign up for our free Tip of the Day Newsletter. AirDrop uses Apple’s proprietary close-range wireless communication process along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to transmit files between devices. You can send photos, texts, videos, and other files like locations, playlists, documents, etc. We will learn how to change the AirDrop name on your iPhone and iPad.

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